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Orthopedic Shoes, Mississauga, ON

Orthopedic Shoes, Mississauga, ON

Get the most out of your orthopedic shoes when you consult with us at our office in Mississauga.

Orthopedic Shoes in Mississauga, Ontario
If relief of your pain could be as simple as purchasing a pair of orthopedic shoes, wouldn’t it be worth the investment? When you come to us at Heal Sports Medicine, we will analyze your feet and current choices in shoes. We may make recommendations about orthopedic shoes you could purchase to reduce pain and improve outcomes in Mississauga, Ontario.

There are many orthopedic shoes to choose from. In fact, that is why we recommend consulting with a professional before purchasing orthopedic shoes. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on new shoes, only to find out they are not really the kind you need. In general, you can expect orthopedic shoes to have better arch supports or removable liners that allow you to use your own orthotic or arch supports. You will also be carefully measured in our office to find the exact length and width of your feet.

Once you have completed an initial consultation, we can discuss the types of shoes that will serve your needs best. Many sandals do not provide much foot support, but some have built-in arch support. Athletic shoes almost always have added arch support and may not be a good choice for all people. If you have high arches already, you may need to look for athletic shoes with less support in this area. Everyday shoes and dress shoes that are also orthopedic are often the most difficult to find. We can help you find what you need, no matter what sort of profession you are in. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.