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Special Summer Giveaway: Free Water Pillow or Back Rest

Special Summer Giveaway: Free Water Pillow or Back Rest

New patients, don’t miss this opportunity to win a free item of your choice!

78619467-Free Water Pillow or Back Rest

Are you suffering from any of these medical conditions?

✘  Tendinitis                                               ✘  Arthritis
✘  Muscle and posture imbalances       ✘  Sprains and strains
✘  Neck and back pain                             ✘  Injuries from accidents
✘  Cartilage and meniscal problems     ✘  Headaches
✘  Knee and shoulder pain or injury      ✘  Shin splints
✘  Ligament injuries                                  ✘  Entrapped nerves
✘  Tennis or golfer’s elbow                      ✘  And more

Take advantage of our offer:

Come in for a consultation & get the chance to win an Embrace Air Plus Back Support or a Solitude Water Pillow*


summer giveaway


At Sprains & Strains, we are here to help you:

✔  Overcome any physical challenges you might be dealing with after an accident or injury
✔  Achieve optimum physical health

We look forward to assisting you in our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility.

For more information about the services we provide or to make an appointment with our wellness centre, contact us today.

Fill out our form to schedule an appointment. Your name will be entered into the draw when you come in to our clinic.


*New patients only. Three names will be drawn– one at the end of June, one at the end of July, and one at the end of August. Winners will receive the free item of their choice. Valid until Aug 31, 2015.

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