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The 5 Most Common Basketball-Related Sports Injuries

The 5 Most Common Basketball-Related Sports Injuries

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Massage Therapist and Physiotherapy Blog

Sports InjuriesBasketball is not without its risks. Whether you play professionally, collegiately, recreationally, or “street,” it is hard to avoid walking away each day without an injury. There are several steps you can take to give yourself the best protection possible, such as doing proper warmups and using braces, but basketball-related sports injuries are not unavoidable. Check out this list of the 5 most common ones:

  1. Ankle/Foot Injuries – The most common basketball injury is the ankle sprain, occurring in as many as 42% of all basketball-related sports injuries. This is most often due to an isolated, traumatic event, such as a major fall or misstep.
  2. Finger Jams – For beginners and experienced players alike, finger jams are a common complaint. A finger jam can range in severity, from a minor pain to a major fracture, and there is little way to prevent this injury.
  3. Knee Injuries – Like all joints, your knees are susceptible to sprains and strains. Knee sprains or strains can have you off the court for several weeks, so it is important to protect your knees with braces as well as stretch and warm-up completely.
  4. Muscle Pulls/Tears – The large muscle groups in the legs are prone to pulls and tears due to the quick, complex movements required of the sport. Muscle tears are common in the calf and thigh, and they are more likely to occur if you don’t wear proper footwear.
  5. Eye Injuries and Lacerations – Due to the heavy contact of the sport, eye injuries and lacerations to the face are fairly common sports injuries.

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